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Please complete the “Complaints” form to outline your concerns relating to a prior complaint; if you disagree with the outcome or would like to seek further information about the decision and/or response you received from ACDCS, including but not limited to:

- Assessment outcomes
- Disciplinary actions i.e., misbehavior
- Attendance records
- Course fees
- Allegations involving conduct of ACDCS, our Trainers/Assessors, employees/staff, other learners/students and any third parties and their staff providing services on behalf of ACDCS.
- Notifications of Intention to Cancel your enrolment at ACDCS
- Other decisions directly or indirectly affecting you.

The Complaints and Appeals Process commences within ten (10) working days of receipt of the complaints, and will be reviewed by Compliance and Operations Lead, and may be referred to the General Manager and any other relevant persons such as your Trainer. The Compliance and Operations Lead may invite you to a meeting for the purpose of obtaining further information. Meetings will be confidential, and no data will be released to any third party, except where requested by an Australian Government authority.

ACDCS aims to resolve complaints/appeals as quickly as possible, generally within 20 working days. Should additional time be required, we will inform you in writing, detailing the reasons why additional time is required.

This form can be submitted to feedback  or sent in post to the Head office (Level 2, 1 Innovation Road, North Ryde NSW 2113); or hand over in person to the reception at our office.
Please call 1300 223 271 if you have any questions.

Read Complaints and Appeals Policy on ACDCS website before completing this form.

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