This year our venue is online

This years conference is going to be held online due to global circumstances. Join us on Zoom!

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Chair Hall Center

The Sunset Blvd. 24
477 47477

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days of the week are the classes conducted?

During the current COVID19 pandemic, all courses are being delivered online enabling students to engage with the courses according to their own schedules. A one hour session will be held each week using Google Meet. All students are strongly advised to plan to attend these face-to-face sessions, however they will be recorded and you will be able to access them online. If assessment tasks are being undertaken during the face-to-face sessions and you are unable to attend, it will be your responsibility to arrange an alternative time with your trainer.

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Will I be able to get refunds?

Please refer to the ACDCS Refund policy for information on refunds. If this does not provide you with the information you need please contact our finance department :

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Where do I register?

To enrol for a course, select the course and enrol online through this website. To register for a workshop, click on the 'Register Now' button under the workshop you wish to attend and follow the prompts.

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How can I apply?

Select the course you want to enrol in and enrol directly through this website. One of our trainers will then contact you to walk you through the pre-training review process and assist with any questions you have.

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