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This policy applies to fees collected from students or on behalf of students for all training delivered by ACDCS for accredited and non-accredited courses. This policy refers to both company bookings and individual student bookings. This policy applies to all nationally recognised training on ACDCS Scope of Registration and non-accredited training and workshops offered by the ACDCS training team.

The following Refund Policy will apply and subject to compliance with the ACDCS procedure set out in this policy:

● Students, who give notice to cancel their enrolment 10 business days or more prior to the commencement of a training, will be entitled to a full refund of fees paid.

● Students who give notice to cancel their enrolment 9 business days or less prior to the commencement of a training will be entitled to a 75% refund of fees paid. The amount retained (25%) by ACDCS is required to cover the costs of staff and resources which will already have committed based on the Student’s initial intention to undertake the training.

● Students who cancel their enrolment after a training program has commenced will not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid in advance. Note: A refund of fees does not apply to any Short Course or Workshop programs.

● Tuition fees are to be refunded in full if ACDCS is unable to commence the training as agreed due to unforeseen circumstances impacting ACDCS ability to deliver the program. Any ‘unused tuition fees’ or ‘payments in advance’ are to be refunded where ACDCS is unable to complete training. Alternatively, ACDCS may arrange for another course/training, or part of course, to be provided to the Student at no extra cost to the Student as an alternative to refunding fees paid. Where the alternative program would enable the Student to complete the training and the alternative program is scheduled at the same time and day of the week, then the Student shall not be entitled to a refund of any unused tuition fees or2ACDCS P20 – Refund Policy v1.0payments in advance. Where the alternative program is at a different location or different time, then where the Student agrees to this arrangement, ACDCS will not be liable to refund any amount from the original enrolment.

● This Fees and Refund policy is available on ACDCS website:


All refund applications must be submitted to ACDCS within the timeframes listed below. A Refund Application Form can be obtained from ACDCS staff or from ACDCS website

● Students who withdraw from a course and wish to seek a refund or have the amount they owe on their fees reduced, must apply to ACDCS in writing using the Refund Application Form, outlining the details and reason for their request.

● Failure to attend a course/workshops will incur forfeiture of full payment.

● Students who have not completed a Refund Application Form within thirty (30) days from cancellation/withdrawal are not eligible for consideration of a refund or reduction of fees.

● Applications will be processed within fourteen (14) days after receipt of the application by ACDCS. ACDCS will send confirmation to the Student by email on receipt of the refund application.

● Where a Student is entitled to a refund, ACDCS shall process the refund payment as approved:
o When the Student paid by credit card or debit card. The refund must go back to the card that was originally used to make the payment.

o Where the employer/ a company paid the tuition fees on behalf of a Student, the refund will be paid to the employer or to the company.

● Payment of a refund for a course cancels a Student’s enrolment and their access to course materials, resources and benefits associated with enrolment.

If a Student is not satisfied with the outcome of their application, the Student is entitled to appeal by completing the ACDCS Appeal Form – the procedure for appeals is also outlined in the Non-Academic Appeal Procedure.


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