Beating the Blues, Black Dogs and Melt Downs - Workshops on Wellbeing while Living with COVID19

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This two part workshop (4 hours in total) is aimed at supporting both teams and individuals struggling with the challenges brought about by the COVID19 pandemic. Session one - Titled Self Help: Put on your own oxygen masks first, then help others - focusses on self awareness and self care basics as well as building skills for resilience. Session two - Titled: Dealing with Special Challenges: Depression & Anxiety, The Blues and Black Dogs - focusses on identifying warning signs with our own health and gaining self awareness of the triggers for both ourselves, our clients, colleagues and those around us tools for open and listening communication and the use of reflexive practices to underpin positive and nurturing relationships.

Robbie and Sharon are conducting customised workshops for individual organisations and teams. If you would like to book this workshop series for your organisation please contact Sharon at

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Dr Robbie Lloyd is a professional educator, mental health worker, writer and reform agent in community health, youth, disability & ageing support, and alcohol & other drugs reform. He has worked for over 30 years in frontline community-based mental health and alcohol & other drugs support across Australia, in New Zealand, Indonesia and India. Additionally in this time he has worked closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples here in Australia and the Adult Community Education movement.

Dr. Sharon Kerr has had over 30 years experience working with students with a wide range of disabilities and is widely recognized as having expertise in maximizing student engagement for students with intellectual, sensory, learning, psychological and physical disabilities. Her PhD thesis was in the area of supporting Indigenous students with a disability.


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